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Welcome to the Website of Prodigy Prints

Prodigy Prints provides undiscovered, talented individuals with a safe place to sell their artwork. We specialize in exploring for talented individuals with a keen eye for imagery, whether it be photography, digital artwork, drawings or paintings. Sadly, some of the most terrific talent can be found in alleyways and on street corners, with nothing but a dusty sketchpad, some colored pencils, and a blanket. They are also found outside of a concert venue, where a gutter punk with a lucky gem thrift store camera stands anxiously, peddling for change, with hopes to get inside to snap some photographs of her favorite music group. Our company is composed of individuals with similar stories, and we reach out to these Prodigies so that they may promote and sell their artwork on our website, and to show the World what they are really made of!

On our site you will find various forms of artwork such as:

  • Photographs
  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Digital Artwork

Select from a variety of print sizes that range from Wallet Size to Wall Mural!

You cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. However, did you know that the Puffer Fish creates magnificent, elaborate works of art on the ocean floor, with unbelievably mathematical perfection? If your answer is no, do you now understand our mission?

Please browse our marketplace and see for yourself the "Diamonds in the Rough" that lie within us all. We hope that you are inspired, and in turn inspire these Prodigies to find their way out of the rough.

Prodigy Prints